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Proto is a method of betting with fixed odds by selecting as many games as you want from 2 to 10 games. 일본야동 There are two types of protos: a match-and-match game that predicts the win, draw, or loss of a selected match by selecting only a few matches that you are confident in, and a record-type game that predicts the score of a specific match, scorer, winner.


Toto is a fixed refund rate method, and if there is a fixed amount, it is shared. There are two types of Toto : 일본야동 a match-and-run game that matches wins, draws, and losses, a score-based game that matches points and runs, a mixed game that mixes them, and a special game where you guess the winner, rank, and number of points.

Safe Toto

Safe Toto site is a place that puts the safety of users first among numerous Toto sites. As the name implies, 한국야동 it is a safe Toto site that can be used safely without being eaten.

Old Toto Site

Old Toto site the ultimate reason for finding the simplest logic that can be seen as a relatively long operating site 야한동영상 is secure due to insufficient validation of new sites to be open Toto Toto safely operate than the old site.